Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 14th November 2019: Nikon today introduces the Binocular Telescope 20×120 IV25×120 and compatible pillar stand with adapter. These large binoculars are ideal for a wide range of applications from professional to leisure observation, such as surveillance, commercial fishing, sailing or astronomical observation.

Both the Binocular Telescope 20× and 25× models offer a bright, high-resolution image with a large 120mm objective diameter. The superior optical system in the Binocular Telescope 20×120 IV gives a sharp image and true colours, with various aberrations effectively compensated. The Binocular Telescope 25×120 enables high-power and dynamic observation with superior image flatness, while realising a wide field of view (64.7˚ apparent field of view).

The binocular body is airtight and waterproof to prevent rain or night dew entering, and is filled with nitrogen gas to remain fog-free inside. Durability is ensured with high corrosion-proofing and shake-resistance features, helping to maintain peak performance for long-life use.

For a more stable view and easier observation, both models can be mounted on an optional pillar stand with adapter.

Binocular Telescope 20×120 IV with fork mount

Binocular Telescope 25×120 with fork mount and pillar stand (with adapter)

Key Features

• Large 120 mm objective diameter offers a bright, high-resolution image.
• Binocular Telescope 20×120 IV has a superior optical system, giving a sharp image with various aberrations effectively compensated.
• Binocular Telescope 25×120 enables high-power and dynamic observation, with a wide field of view (64.7˚ apparent field of view) and superior image flatness.
• Long eye relief design ensures a clear field of view, and horn-shaped rubber eyecups offer easier viewing.
• An airtight and waterproof body prevents rain and night dew entering, and fogproof construction filled with nitrogen gas keeps the binoculars fog-free inside. High corrosion-proofing and shake-resistance features maintain performance for long-life usage.
• Equipped with a solid fork mount, easy handling is enabled with 360˚ horizontal rotation and -30˚ (downward) to +70˚ (upward) tilting.
• Using a durable pillar stand with adapter (optional) makes observation easier and ensures a more stable view.