Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 3rd April 2017: Nikon is proud to announce the release of its extraordinary WX 7x50 IF and WX 10x50 IF astronomy binoculars – the jewel in the crown of 100 years of optical excellence. Boasting an unprecedented super-wide field of view, the WX series’ phenomenal performance takes the viewer deep into the starry sky, revealing fresh details and colour nuances.

Designed for discerning stargazers, these premium binoculars employ a Field Flattener Lens System to compensate for the curvature of field, ensuring the same crystal clarity of vision from centre to periphery. The total reflection and high transmission rate of Abbe-Koenig prisms assures the exceptional level of brightness needed to complement the outstanding optical achievement of an ultra-wide field of view.

Each tube features three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements for a contrast-rich and high-resolution image, compensating for chromatic aberration so the delicate colour differences of the stars are visible all the way to the edge of the field of view. A high-quality multilayer coating is applied to all lenses and prisms, giving uniformly high light transmittance across the entire visible range, for a more natural and clearer view.

To ensure a superb viewing experience for everyone – whether they wear glasses or not – Nikon WX engineers overcame the extraordinary design challenge of offering long eye relief coupled with a greatly expanded field of view. WX 7x50 IF binoculars have an apparent field of view of 66.6 ° and an eye relief of 17.7 mm. WX 10x50 IF binoculars have an apparent field of view of 76.4 ° and an eye relief of 15.3 mm. Magnesium alloy assures the body is sturdy yet lightweight, while the turn-and-slide rubber eyecups make viewing enjoyable – however long a stargazing session may be.

Both models are available as exclusive 100th Anniversary editions, featuring the 100th Anniversary logo printed on the base of the hinge, an engraved serial number at the top of the hinge, and a special WX 100th Anniversary leather strap. These editions will be sold in limited quantities of up to 100 units combined for both models.

Key Features

・Employing eyepieces with superior optical performance, a super-wide field of view is achieved. Minimising astigmatism and coma aberration, a sharp and clear image is realised, while the sharpness of the image at the centre of the field is achieved all the way to the periphery. Without perceiving the frame, you can experience a feeling as if you are spacewalking into a starry sky.
・The Field Flattener Lens System compensates for curvature of field from the centre to the very edge of the periphery. While realising an ultra-wide field of view, it assures a sharp and clear image across the entire field of view – allowing you to take in a wide-sweeping view of star clusters or galaxies, while individual stars can be clearly seen as sharp points.
・Using three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements in each tube, chromatic aberration that causes colour fringing is compensated at the very edge of the field of view, creating a contrast-rich and high-resolution image.
・High-quality multilayer coating – which features uniformly high light transmittance across the entire visible range – is applied to all lens and prisms, to give a more natural, clearer view. It reproduces the subtle colours of stars in the night sky with fidelity.
・Abbe-Koenig prisms that feature total reflection on all surfaces and have a high transmission rate are employed, for a brighter field of view.
・Applying a phase-correction coating on roof (Dach) surfaces of Abbe-Koenig prisms – which compensates phase shifts of light when reflecting inside prisms – results in high-resolution and high-contrast images.
・Optical design that achieves both a super-wide field of view and long eye relief. The exceptionally wide field of view can be enjoyed comfortably from edge to edge, even by eyeglass wearers.
・Lead- and arsenic-free glass is used for all lenses and prisms.
・Turn-and-slide rubber eyecups with six clicks facilitate easy positioning of the eyes at the correct eyepoint.
・Dioptre adjustment ring with index for easier adjustment.
・Waterproof structure that will not be affected if submerged in water to a maximum depth of 5 m for 10 minutes. (Under Nikon's testing conditions. Not designed for underwater usage.)
・Airtight structure with a nitrogen-filled body that prevents the inside of the optical system from fogging and resists mould, even with significant changes in temperature.
・Magnesium alloy is used to produce a sturdy, lightweight body that facilitates handheld viewing.
・55 mm filter (P=0.75) can be attached to objective lens.
・Comes with an exclusive tripod adaptor (TRA-4) that enables attachment to a tripod.