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Sharing your images has never been easier

The SnapBridge 360/170 app is exclusively created for KeyMission 360 and KeyMission 170. Using Bluetooth® low energy, this dedicated app can be used to transfer and view pictures from your camera on your smart device, whilst bringing out the best features of your action camera. The software's electronic Vibration Reduction function (e-VR) uses information recorded by the KeyMission 360 during shooting to calculate horizontal, vertical and rotational camera movements, allowing it to compensate for vibrations in the video. With your smart device, you can take pictures using remote control, as well as easily set your individual preferences relating to the camera’s date and time, shooting, or lamp brightness. The app also allows you to view and crop images, edit movies and extract still images from movies, as well as easily upload your images and thumbnails from your smart device to the NIKON IMAGE SPACE cloud service. You can imprint up to two pieces of credit information, such as copyright, comments, text and logos, directly onto photos. The app automatically updates the camera's firmware, hassle-free. Connect your camera in a few simple steps, using the videos below to pair your KeyMission with your Android or iOS devices.

How to pair the KeyMission 360 with iPhone or iPad

How to pair the KeyMission 360 with Android